We provide the cutting edge mBrace Agile Performance Test Methodology and Agile Performance Test Tool that help businesses to increase their Feature Velocity while mitigating their risk of poor application performance. We achieved this by applying performance modelling. As a consequence this tool is now the only one in the marketplace that makes sense when integrated into the software development process. Not only does this tool truly support software development in an Agile way, it helps to drastically reduce the total cost of the test process. Structured performance testing should no longer be the exclusive domain of large IT-intensive businesses. Ease of use and low cost bring mBrace performance testing within reach of medium and small businesses too. 

As a Dutch independent software company founded in 2005, we focus on tools for application performance testing. Our methodology and tools were developed from scratch. We have practiced our methods and tools in numerous projects at outstanding companies in the Netherlands and the UK.

mBrace intends to provide the Agile performance test capability to any software development business, large or small, helping them to mitigate the risk of substandard performance and boost their feature velocity.