Gideon van der Bent – Application Manager at  an International Assistance group

We contracted mBrace to test a new release of one of our applications. This is a vast one, which had a performance problem that manifested for more than a year. mBrace went through their three stage approach. With the application intelligence from their tooling they helped us not only to optimize the performance, but also to improve the application architecture. Finally they rid us from the performance problem. They exceeded our expectations by the speed and intelligence of their approach. 


Wessel Overdijk - Independent Performance Architect

When I saw the mBrace Method in 2006 it was love at first sight, among other things due to its elegant graphical visualisation. I have been using it successfully ever since in numerous test projects. Doing analyses with the model is a great sport. To date I am still using it because it is a terrific method with excellent tooling.


Ernst Hehne – Independent project manager

As a project manager I have contracted mBrace now several times at the Dutch Tax Administration and at the Medical Center of the University of Utrecht. Each time they impressed me with their speed and abundant application intelligence.