mBrace provides a sophisticated methodology for Application Performance Testing based on an innovative paradigm, which stands out by ease of use, high speed, abundant application intelligence and low total cost. 

The mBrace Methodology and tooling are easy to use. No tooling consultancy is needed, a short instruction video is sufficient to get started. It is not only for large IT intensive businesses anymore. Ease of use and low cost bring mBrace performance testing within reach of medium and small businesses too.

The mBrace Test Methodology and tooling is applicable to a variety of use cases. It can help you to

  • Reduce the risk of insufficient performance
  • Implement softare quality assurance
  • Accept applications performance-wise
  • Opimize hardware and software expenditure
  • Predict costs of cloud computing

Performance risk mitigation is done in one, two, or three stages. You can do the three stages completely and decrease the risk entirely to zero or accept a small residual risk while saving considerable cost in one or two stages. Most applications are mundane, have a low risk profile and do not demand the full treatment. The mBrace Methodology provides you more choice than any other approach to cut costs and balance risks. 

mBrace is the only vendor in the IT industry that can deliver a Performance Testing Methodology and tooling that can be fully integrated in the software development process without disrupting productivity and that is fast enough for Agile settings.

Our three-stage approach partly complements load and stress testing and partly replaces it, which can save much on scripting. 

The tooling can be delivered on SAAS basis or on-premise behind the customers' firewall


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