Agile Performance Test Tool




The Agile Application Performance Test Tool

has been developed in the first place for Agile performance testing of any transaction processing application:

  • Quick Explorative testing of websites
  • Performance testing by developers while developing new features
  • CI / CD with regression performance testing
  • Waterfall testing 

The tool can be applied for a variety of other purposes too.


The tool covers:
Stage 1: assess and optimize the performance potential of the code
Stage 2: assess and optimize capacities

Stage 1 takes three steps, which are explained in more detail in videos 1, 2 and 3 on this site:

  1. Execute the transactions in the test environment                            Video 1
  2. Inspect the results                                                                                  Video 2
  3. If necessary drill down to find opportunities for improvement      Video 3

Stage 2 Assess and optimize capacities, is demonstrated in                     Video 4


The Agile Application Performance Test tool can be delivered in the following formats:

  • On SAAS basis
    • AWS
    • Azure
  • On-premise behind the customers’ firewall