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Anticipate impacts

Anticipate the impacts of new software releases

When businesses that develop standard software packages release a new version this can have unexpected impact on the  the capacities of their customers' infrastructures. The mBrace Agile Performance Test Tool can help to assess such impacts upfront and prevent performance problems through the following approach:


Step 1:     Install the mBrace Agile Performance Test Tool

Step 2:     Keep track of the customers' use cases with all freqently used transactions 

Step 3:     Set up a test environment (with small capacities) comparable to that of the customer

Step 4:     Determine how many users are going to aply the uses cases (the Load model)

Step 5:     Do a performance test with the mBrace Agile Tooling on the use cases (Example: Video #1)

Step 6:     Do a Capacity Optimization Scenario with the Tool  (See Video #4 for an example)

After Step 6 you have accurate insight in the capacities you need to have the new release run smoothly as to prevent unwanted impacts.


When this is done several times enough information on the software package is collected and Step 5 can be skipped.

Initial sizings can be done in a similar way.