Applications - Cloud computing

Cost prediction

Getting control of the costs is one of your challenges when migrating your data center to the cloud.

The mBrace Method and Tooling helps you to predict the costs of running your applications in the cloud. This takes the following steps:

Step 1.     Set up a test environment for the application

Step 2.     Install the mBrace Agile Application Performance Test Tool

Step 3.     Create one or more use cases with the transactions of the application

Step 4.     Determine how many users are going to use the use cases

Step 5.     Do a performance test on the use cases with the Agle Tool (see Video #1 for an example)

Step 6.     Do a capacity optimization scenario (see Video #4 for an example)

After Step 6 you have an accurate view on the capacities needed  in the cloud. Fom this it is trivial to calculate your costs for running the application in the cloud.