Applications - Deployment

Performance Acceptance


In organisations where Ops is responsible for hosting applications with a Service Level Agreement there usually is a performance acceptance procedure. Ops needs to assert that the application offered for deployment has code with sufficient performance potential. If the application code has not enough performance potential it will not be possible to fulfill the SLA. If it has enough, then Ops need to secure sufficient capacities and make sure the implementation has no performance spoiling defects.

There are two options for assessing the performance potential of the code: pure LST (Load and Stress Testing) and MBT (Model Based performance Testing).

LST is expensive and complicated for this task. Take for instance an application with 100 transaction types. It would take 150 hours to script and a couple of days to do the actual testing.

With the mBrace Agile Application Performance Test Tool it takes three hours to assess the performance potential of such application (see Video #1 and Video # 2 for an example) and to accept or not. This not only supports the decision to accept or not, but also provides ample application intelligence explaing why the performance potential of the code is insufficient.